Give Your Pet the Full Spa Package

Add dog nail trimming to your pet's grooming appointment in Davie, FL & around Broward County

Even if your pet doesn't need a full grooming service, Paws World Pet Grooming will still make sure they're primped and pampered.

Your pup doesn't have to be washed and trimmed every time.

Our certified groomers offer additional spa services, like:

  • Dog nail trimming
  • Dog ear cleaning
  • Dog teeth cleaning
  • Dematting
  • Flea and tick shampoo
  • Deshading
  • Anal gland expression

Contact us in Davie, FL today to schedule a dog ear cleaning appointment.


What to know before your appointment

Here are a few questions that our clients commonly ask:

How early can my pet be groomed?

The earlier in life, the better they'll acclimate. We suggest scheduling their first groom between 14 and 16 weeks.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Your dog must have all sets of puppy vaccines, including rabies and Bordetella, and dewormer.

How long does an appointment last?

A full groom will typically last between one and two hours depending on the dog's size and behavior.

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