Excellent service! They do a great job, with dedication and love for my Lucas! Great pet grooming company, attended by owners, using quality products. Lucas looks and smell good after their visit! I would recommend them, i have been using their service for almost a year now!

Ruben O

Loved this grooming service!!! The ladies were super nice and very professional. They did exactly what I asked. This service is better than going to an actual grooming salon. And from the confront of your home!! This was my first time using them and it was amazing!!

Jennifer L

It has been a great pleasure to have Angie take care of our PWD, she is always on point with her grooming and kindness to our pets, no doubt her skills are always improving. Thank you for your awesome work and kindness

Roberto A

Angie is amazing, she takes great care of our little girl and always does her job in such a loving way. After trying other pet groomers she is by far the best one!

Ana M

Excellent attention, punctuality, quality of service... my dog was very handsome

Yusuf K

Angie is the best, punctuality and communication are top of the line, my 2 frenchies are better since we starting with her, 5 star service,highly recommend it.

Alvaro A

She is amazing, kind and very professional. She does excellent job and my dog absolutely love her

Maria F

They are the best. They treat my dogs like family. I only trust them.

Santi Y

Paws World Pet Grooming is the best around, I would highly recommend this business. The owner Angie is caring , loving , gentle, compassionate, respectful, and treats all animals as if they were their own. Our dog Leila gets so excited when she sees her and runs right to her. Angie's work is so amazing and I'm the lucky one and so is Leila to have met her and her amazing work. I will never ever go to any other groomer.

LeeAnn W

They are awesome! Extremely dedicated and experienced, costumer service is great, I would highly recommend them! As a dog trainer I know the importance on experienced handlers for grooming

Gifmaf D

Great service. I finally found the perfect pet grooming for my dog. Customer service is great as well as grooming. My dog was very happy with them because they were really friendly. Normally my dog is very nervous but I was surprise how well he was with this grooming. I highly recommend this pet grooming and will use it again. Thanks for such a great service.

Arlene F

We have used "Paws World Pet Grooming" several times. Each and every time we are beyond happy with how our fur baby looks (and smells). Anggie always listens to our requests and delivers. The truck is so clean and hygienic. I really highly recommend this mobile groomer.

Gabi H

Angie is exemplary at grooming, and my Yorkies go to her with no struggle. She has a beautiful heart and truly loves these fur babies. My furry children have never looked so good, and the service she provides is invaluable. We recommend Paws World with 4 thumbs and 4 paws WAY up!!!!

Lisa H

Super professional company!!! Nice people to deal with too!! I used them for grooming my Lucas (my Chihuahua Long Hair). They cut Lucas hair, washed him, cut his claws and put perfume! Love it!!! They take care of Lucas with so much love!! I will recommend them to my friends and family!!

Libia B

Our first time using their service and our little dog was well taken care of. Excellent grooming, perfume, great service! I would recommend them and urge everyone to support a solid business like one. Support small businesses!

Danny D

Our puppy looked so good after his grooming we couldn't believe it! He is so clean and well groomed. We would absolutely recommend Paws World to anyone we know.

Christine R

Charlie loves them, especially Angie! She is a dog whisperer!

Walky G

perfect grooming, my baby Terry is looking nice and beautiful she came yesterday and was so caring to me and my dog 100% recommend.

Andres S

Awesome groomers! Love their work but mostly the kind of attention and service they give to our beloved pets.

Mom T

I just got my doggy back and she was smelling precious and looking beautiful!! The employees were also really friendly and helpful.

Sean W

Excellent service, they were really friendly and caring with my puppy of 6 months. and beautiful service!!!

Armando M

Very nice and friendly! My Pug and my Aussie look beautiful and were very relaxed when I got them back. No scars or wounds, no scratches. This was my Aussie's first time being groomed, and they were very accommodating. They were very punctual as well! The price was fair! HABLAN ESPAƑOL.

Andrea C

The Best Pet grooming in all Broward 100% certificated my Dog has irritable skin and this Grooming has the Best Shampoo for my doggie Thank you Angie!!!

Daniela N

I have been using this mobile grooming service for well over a year. Absolutely excellent. Super friendly, on-time, and most importantly, they are excellent with my goldendoodle. I would highly recommend.

Darren S

My dog Chiqui and I love Paws World Pet Grooming and the treatment that Angie always gives in each Grooming Always taking care of his well-being and leaving him impeccable! Super recommended in all Miami

Dade Marcela P